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I don’t shop online but I do regularly shop in that retailer – can I buy the products instore and review them online?

NO – you must have an online account with the retail and be a regular online shopper to complete these jobs.

Products must be ordered online for either delivery or via click / collect.

Store receipts will not be accepted and your timesheet will be declined.


How do I know if I’m classed as regular online shopper with a specific retailer?

To be eligible to complete our online shopper roles then you need to have an ACTIVE online account.

This means that you use the account on at least every other month to do your grocery shopping.


Are delivery costs reimbursed?

NO – these roles should be completed as part of your standard online grocery shop. The job covers a contribution to your shopping.

Please ensure you check min order / delivery charges before you book onto these roles to ensure you are happy with the costs.


Can I just buy the products that are on the brief?

We expect these roles to be completed as part of your standard shop so we anticipate a standard shop to be done as part of this – not just items on the job


Can I review a product more than once on a retailer’s site?

NO – products can only be reviewed once per retailer.

The retailers’ site will not allow you to review a product twice so your review will be rejected and therefore the hirer will not approve this.

To check if you’ve completed a role for a product / brand before you can search in your TIMESHEETS via your dashboard (>Timesheets > Paid > Type in the hirer > Search) to show you the previous jobs / products you have completed for that hirer and or retailer.


I’ve completed a job for this brand before in this retailer, can I book another job?

You are only to purchase an item once for a brand per retailer as you are unable to review it on the retailers site if you have reviewed it before.

Please ensure you read the brief carefully and follow the instructions given.

You can always check your previous timesheets as per the above question to check.


Can I book multiple jobs for the same brand / hirer by retailer

NO – you must only book 1 job per retailer per brand / hirer unless the job description or brief explicitly says you can do otherwise.

If you book more than 1 job and don’t follow the guidance then you may be blocked from booking future online review work.


What happens if the product is out of stock when I book onto the job and place my order?

We recognise that retailers do have some issues with product availability at times.

If the product is not available for you to order this could be because it is not stocked in your area, or is out of stock at that time.

Please unbook yourself from the job to enable someone else to complete it.


The product I’ve tried to purchase is out of stock when I order

Check the brief – if there are other products on the brief you can select from then please purchase an alternative product. If not then please unbook the role.


Why do the expenses amounts vary?

The hirer sets the expenses limit depending on the usual price of the product.

When products are on promotion prices may change but you should only go up to either the maximum budget (if purchasing multiple products) or the price of the individual product you’ve been asked to buy as per the brief.


Are substitutes accepted on orders?

NO - Substitutes are not accepted on orders.

If your products are substituted for a different product please decline the substitutes as we won't be able to pay for these.


I ordered 3 products as part of the job but only 2 have been delivered?

We recognise that retailer / product supply issues are out of your control. Please upload the receipt for the products purchased with a comment in the notes to say what didn’t arrive.

Taste test / use the products that did arrive as per the brief and leave a review for them. Please ensure you add a note to your timesheet with the details of what wasn’t delivered & upload a copy of your order to show it was available when you placed your order.

You will need to select ‘N/A - product not delivered due to availability issue’ against any products that have not arrived.

You must review a minimum of 1 product to be paid for the job.


None of the products I ordered for the job have arrived on my delivery?

We’re sorry that this has happened – please either order them on your next shop (and add a note to your timesheet / worker chat OR if you are not ordering again in the next week please unbook yourself from the role & add a note to advise.


Can an order be placed on one retailer account and a review left via another

NO – products must be ordered and reviewed on the same account – this must be the worker who has booked the job, you must not use anyone else’s account.


My friend / partner and I live together – can we both buy & review products on the same order

NO – only 1 account can be used per worker. It is not acceptable for different workers to claim for the same expenses twice.

You may submit a receipt with multiple reviewed products on but it is only valid for reviews by a single wigwammer.


What detail needs to be visible on the receipt?

We need to see your order confirmation, the order date and order number together with the product on the receipt.  You can upload more than one image to enable this to be clearly seen.

You can only claim reimbursement for products on a receipt once


What happens if I do not submit my receipt with my timesheet

ALL receipts must be submitted as part of your timesheet for the online review job. The account name must match to the worker name.

It is important that all details can be seen on the receipt for the products purchased. As the receipt is for an online purchase it is important that you upload the right information to be able to verify your expenses.


Why do I need to submit my receipt?

The hirer needs to be able to see that the product was ordered online and that the order was placed and fulfilled. Copy of an order confirmation is NOT a receipt.

A receipt is required to reimburse for product expenses.

All claimed expenses are independently audited


I can’t leave a review for a product as it’s now out of stock

On many retailer sites you can still leave reviews for products that may be out of stock subsequent to your order.

To do this use the link in the brief to the product which should then take you to the site and you can then leave a review after logging in.

An alternative way is to go into your order history and click into the product purchased from that and then review.

If you have tried all of the above then as a last resort you may select ‘N/A - not able to review product due to retailer website issue’ but please give full details of the issue in your comments


My account won’t let me leave a review for a product

Have you checked that you have not bought and reviewed the product before? You are only able to leave 1 review per product per retailer site.

Are you logged into the account that you ordered the product from? Check as you may not be able to review if you are logged in as a different user.


I’ve not received a confirmation email for my review on the site

Not all retailers send these (check the brief / reporting questions for the job / retailer you have booked to see if requested). If it hasn’t arrived please ensure you have uploaded a screenshot of the review when you posted it.

You should be able to see your review posted against the product on the retail site so please take a screenshot of that instead and upload to your timesheet.


I can’t see my review on the retailer site

This can sometimes take a couple of days to appear so please be patient.

As long as you have a copy of the screenshot to show you wrote & posted / published the review and you upload this to your timesheet you will be reimbursed.


Why do I have to photograph the products purchased?

This is a requirement of the role by the hirer to show the products in your home / being consumed.


And finally - please read the brief carefully! 

If instructions on the brief are not followed correctly then your timesheet may not be approved. This may also affect your rating.

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