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We're looking for enthusiastic field marketers to join our community. 

We're working with an ever-growing number of brands and businesses all over the UK and are growing at quite a pace. Whether you're an experienced field marketer, or are just starting out, we'd love to welcome you to redwigwam. 

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Why redwigwam? 

redwigwam is the UK's largest platform for finding flexible, temporary work. We have all sorts of jobs in all kinds of sectors - and pick and complete the jobs you are able to do. 

Our field marketing and tactical work covers all areas of the UK, including

  • Merchandising
  • Product sampling
  • Mystery shopping
  • Product audits

...and more! 

Jobs are added daily - you simply log in to your account and see what is available. Reporting is usually via our redwigwam app - and can be done 'on the go'! 

Get paid fast

The only business in the UK to pay our workers daily. Or weekly / monthly if you prefer.

Complete flexibility

You pick only the jobs you are able to complete - work around other commitments

A name you can trust

Highly rated on Feefo - all the benefits of permanent employment on a fully-flexible basis.

What are Redalerts?

Redalerts are a quick product check and fix call. Sales data from a brand suggests although a particular product is in stock, it has not shown the expected level of sales for several days.

You’ll visit the store and work through number of checks and corrective actions to ensure the products are available for customers to buy.

Each call will take around 30minutes to complete.

New calls are added every week. You can book as many as you are able to complete, and combine alerts from any number of different brands in the same store. Quite simply, there is unlimited earning potential. 

Stewart walks you through one of these calls in this short video! 

Ready to get started?

Simply create an account and we'll send you details of any jobs nearby. It really is that simple!