Liverpool Cares – Community in the Heart of the Baltic Triangle

Published on: Thu, 23 Jun 2022
By: Rachael, redwigwam

redwigwam is located in the Baltic Creative, which is situated in the Baltic Triangle, a beautiful area of Liverpool filled with amazing restaurants, coffee shops and creative businesses.

Next to us in the Baltic Creative, is an amazing organisation called Liverpool Cares. Liverpool Cares is a charity, that tackles loneliness in the city by bringing older and younger neighbours together.

It’s a brilliant charity in the perfect setting! Across our incredible city you can visit the most amazing independent bars and restaurants, museums and galleries, and meet incredible people from all over the world.

With that being said, the world is moving full speed ahead, and technology is advancing by the second - in the midst of all this, there are people in the city who feel lonely and isolated.  

This is where Liverpool Cares comes in, and why it’s so important to our city.  

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Anyone can be lonely, young or old – for many reasons.  Some may be elderly and struggle with today’s modern world, or it could be a younger person struggling with work or family issues – or a common issue of social media pressures.

Whatever the reason, Liverpool Cares is there for you. As our city transforms, Liverpool Cares will bring the younger and older generations together, pairing them up to do a range of activities around our fabulous city. They’ll share laughter, friendship and will see Liverpool in ways they’ve never seen it before.

There are a range of activities Liverpool Cares cover:

Social Clubs.

This involves free activities to bring both older and younger Liverpudlians together. There are both Zoom and in-person activities that involve nature walks, technology workshops, visiting local businesses, board game nights, pub nights and more!

Find out more here.

Love Your Neighbour.

This is a fantastic opportunity, where an older neighbour (over 65) gets together with a younger neighbour, to spend regular time together. You can catch up over a cuppa, meet in the pub or catch up over the phone! This is a brilliant chance to make friends with someone you wouldn’t usually meet in your day-to-day life.

To get involved, click here.

Community Fundraising.

This is an ongoing programme of super exciting challenges, events, partnerships and digital campaigns! If you get involved, you’ll be providing another way for older and younger neighbours to come together and support one another!

Would you be up for fun challenges such as running a 5k, hosting a bake sale or abseiling down the Liverpool Cathedral?

If that sounds a bit of you, find out more here.


Liverpool Cares work with fabulous local partners across Liverpool to both identify and invite older and younger neighbours to be a part of their community and take part in Love Your Neighbour!

If you want to read more, click here.


So, why should you volunteer your time?

It gives you a chance to meet people you may have never met

Building new connections, and helping a community of people, whether it’s an older person needing help setting up an email, to a younger person dealing with social media pressures – you could get involved and really make a difference in someone else’s’ life.  

Explore your city like you never have before!

Fancy becoming a tourist? Visit independent businesses, meet people from all around the world – see the Cathedrals and museums in a new light! It’s so easy when you live in a city, to just live in it, and not explore its beauty – with this you get the chance!

Feel a sense of community!

Getting involved in fundraisers in the city and meeting more fellow Liverpudlians will make you feel a great sense of community! This is a perfect opportunity to put yourself out there and help out your city.

Great for your CV!

We’re always looking for ways our Wigwammers can supercharge their CV, and if you’re Liverpool-based this is perfect! Networking, fundraising and building friendships is super important, and the skills you will gain are perfect to add to your resume.

This is a brilliant opportunity, and we’re so excited such an amazing charity is right next door to us! If you’re interested in finding out more, head over to their website. If you have any questions, please get in touch!

Are you looking for work in your local area?

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