Soupologie: How flexible staffing solutions produce sales success

Published on: Mon, 19 Jul 2021
By: Fatmir, redwigwam

The client

Soupologie is a popular vegan soup founded in 2012.  Their mission is to create delicious, vegan soups that combine great taste with modern lifestyle choices.  Their soups are free of over fourteen allergens, are 100% vegan, and packed with vitamins and minerals that occur naturally in fruits and vegetables.  Soupologie is available through their website, as well as stores like Ocado, Waitrose, Whole Foods, Planet Organic, and other independent retailers.

The challenge

For sustained growth, Soupologie needs a supplier sensitive to the company’s evolving business needs in a competitive market.  The supplier must guarantee their soups will be available in multiple markets, correctly identified and priced, and placed advantageously on store shelves.


The redwigwam approach

redwigwam has proven experience in field marketing and retail solutions, working with blue-chip brands that are small and innovative like Soupologie.

redwigwam provided an initial consultation to better understand and prioritise areas of immediate need. Soupologie needed assistance with product availability, pricing, and product placement. We provided a flexible staffing solution that was contradictory to traditional recruitment approaches that are often steeped in high admin costs, and lengthy contracts.

Not only has redwigwam exceeded our expectations in service and support, but their quick reaction time and valuable feedback has been remarkable for business. ”

Amanda Argent, Co-founder

The outcome

Since partnering with redwigwam, Soupologie has improved product availability and visibility, resulting in increased sales. This was done at reduced costs and increased efficiency. Soupologie had access to our talent pool of over 160,000 workers 24/7/365.  

This allowed Soupologie to grow into an innovative soup brand with higher sales and a seamless 24/7/365 experience for customers and retailers.


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