Getting the most out of temp staff

Published on: Mon, 16 Nov 2020
By: Claire, redwigwam

Temporary work is a fast-paced industry that’s gathering momentum and popularity for both employers and employees thanks to its appealing flexibility, and businesses are starting to recruit staff more and more in this way in order to cover absences and periods of peak activity. But how can you maximise the productivity and efficiency of your temporary staff?

Decide what you’re looking for

Before hiring staff through an agency, the required skills will need to be determined for the position being offered. Look to current employees that have performed well in the company to see what abilities they possess that have made them a valuable staff member.

Use an experienced temporary recruitment agency

Hiring staff through a recruitment agency saves a lot of time for businesses as they will have the experience in providing this type of cover and will know what to look for to ensure they find the right person for the job. They will also pay wages, NI, and holiday pay.

Meet and brief

Good communication is imperative when hiring temp staff and even though temp workers may only be with your company for a short period of time, they will still need training along with a clear definition of job responsibilities, company policies and procedures, and contact details for supervisors.


It may be worthwhile to check in with your new temporary worker at points throughout the first day to make sure they are competent in the role and to check progress.

Temporary employees are valuable commodities in today’s workforce as companies can often find themselves in need of staff for short periods of time, and employers who manage temps well will almost always be rewarded with a consistently successful temporary workforce.

If you’re interested in hiring temporary employees in a cost-effective manner then use a resource that is experienced in the temporary recruitment market, like redwigwam.

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