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RedWigWam Field Team

What does field marketing involve?

It’s nothing more than checking that the store has done everything that they are meant to. This includes checking products are on the right shelf, with the correct labels and availability so that customers can buy them! Anyone can do it, in fact, if you have ever worked in a shop, you’ll already know what to do.

What do I need to do?

You’ll be acting as the brands eyes and ears. Full briefing information will be sent to you about each task detailing what you need to do and what questions you’ll need to answer. Ideally you’ll need to have a smartphone and access to the internet to take photos and gather information about promotions, prices or availability of products.


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Promo compliance RedWigWam

Promotional compliance

  • Visiting store to ensure that a promotion is live
  • Ensure point of sale is present (see jargon buster)
  • Checking location on shelf
New Product Audit RedWigWam

New product launches & availability audit

  • Ensuring products are available in your local store(s)
  • Recording location in store and anything missing
  • Requesting products if not available 
Mystery Shopping with RedWigWam Jobs

Mystery shopping

  • Audit in store sampling/couponing/ selling activity
  • Compliance to Point of Sale in the Outlet
  • Compliance to customer services standards
Product purchase

Purchase product

  • Register a sale for new lines/ extended distribution
  • Product recall where safety is not an immediate concern
  • Drive sell through of discontinued stock
  • Chance to try new products/brands
  • Full reimbursement for products purchased
Brand Awareness RedWigWam

Drive brand awareness & trial

  • Online product reviews
  • Feedback on sampling
  • Building presence on social media
  • Commenting in online chatroom, websites etc. 
Promo compliance RedWigWam


  • Ensure the right products are in the right locations on shelf
  • Re-stock from the warehouse
  • Make products look appealing to customers
  • Tidying/ re-setting displays on shelf

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