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redwigwam are here to help in these difficult times

In light of the current market situation, we’re scrapping all booking fees until further notice.

You can use our online platform to find workers to carry out short-term and ad hoc jobs and you only have to pay the workers for the jobs you hire them for.

Whether it’s a short-term task, part time or ad-hoc work, post a free job on redwigwam, and we’ll match it to the right people.

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And if you find someone who you want to take on permanently we’ll discuss a way to make it happen.

Now you are part of the Revolution!

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Safety of our workers is of paramount importance at this time.

We ask our workers to do the following:

  • Unbook from any shifts if they, or anyone in their house are unwell and self-isolating. We will place their account on temporarily hold if this happens so they are unable to book more shifts until their symptoms have gone and they have completed the required quarantine period.
  • Workers will not be penalised for unbooking shifts due to illness – we will not downgrade their star rating or prevent them from booking other jobs because of this. 

We ask our hirers to do the following

  • Ensure social distancing measures are in place to avoid unnecessary contact with other people
  • Ensure adequate hand washing facilities are provides for staff to access – and allow workers to use this as needed.
  • Other safety equipment should be provided as needed and on the same basis as supplied to other staff

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