Enjoy student life to the full. Start earning extra cash by temping through RedWigWam.

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What RedWigWam can do for students

Your uni days are meant to be some of the best days of your life thanks to all that partying, making new friends and some more partying, but with the cost of fees spiralling, it can make for one VERY expensive experience. Our part time jobs for students can help increase your budget.

More and more students are beginning to realise that future employers are not only looking for job qualifications, but some sort of work experience too.  Being able to find a job that matches your skills is ideal for getting a taste of the world of work, as well as testing out whether or not you actually want to take your career in that direction.

RedWigWam understands that finding work to fit around your studies and social life is a must for students.  So forget about spending your uni days surviving off Pot Noodles.  And don’t even think about leaving university with a seriously lacklustre CV.  Start making some extra cash and gaining valuable work experience through flexible, temporary work that fits around your studies.

Perfect Part Time Jobs for Students

Mystery Shopping
Call in to a store local to you to make sure that a product is available/ get paid to shop and keep the items that we ask you to purchase!

Red WigWam Brand Ambassador
Your job is to make Red WigWam a part of student life – we’re revolutionising the recruitment process and we need you and your campus to be a part of it! 

“Part time work for students that fit around studies can be hard to find. Since registering at RedWigWam I’ve completed several jobs, and the best part is that they pay you directly and really quickly.”

– Matt Burch

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