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Keep active and make extra cash in your spare time at a pace that suits you.

jobs for retired

Jobs for retirees from redwigwam

Retirement is a milestone most of us look forward to, but sometimes all that spare time can end up being, well, a little boring.  You’ve collected a lifetime of skills and achievements, why let them all go to waste? redwigwam have loads of suitable jobs for retired people.

Continuing to work will keep you active, essential when grandchild-minding duties call, and your mind sharp.  You never know you might even meet new people along the way who will extend your existing friendship circle, in addition to learning new things. 

redwigwam understands that the age of retirement is no longer as clear-cut as it used to be.  We’re all living longer and that means more things to pay for. We offer part-time, flexible or temporary jobs for retired people that can help you to keep active, learn some new skills while topping up the savings.

So if you’re not quite ready to stop working yet, register now.

Perfect Jobs for Retired People

Mystery Shopping
Call in to a store local to you to make sure that a product is available/get paid to shop and keep the items that we ask you to purchase!

Looking for a community centre caretaker to support the operational running of the centre

jobs for retired

“I’m semi-retired, but I still enjoy contact with business. redwigwam offered me the flexibility to apply my career experience to appropriate temporary roles at a time that suited me.”

Keith Hand

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