redwigwam is here as a second tiering partner to help you through these turbulent times.

A tool for the recruitment industry.

We’ll help you fulfil your clients requirements quickly and cost-effectively.

Use redwigwam as a 2nd tier partner

With the continuing disruption due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s clear that recruitment companies are under huge pressure to provide the drivers, warehouse, logistics and distribution staff their clients in food retailing and distribution need in a hurry.

We’ll provide you with fully-compliant temporary workers at a very low cost.

redwigwam is a specialised recruitment platform which provides people who want to work quickly. App based technology helps people make themselves available and compliant for work within minutes, by using a mix of facial recognition and online screening checks.

Our database of 130,000+ workers is very different to the agency norm – meaning you’ll have instant access to a variety of people who are looking for work and ready to start instantly.

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redwigwam is the only route you need if you’re struggling to fill your clients shifts quickly;

  • Instant access to 116,000 fully compliant temporary workers who are immediately available.
  • Automatic job matching based on skill and location makes it much quicker than wasting time advertising jobs.

Use redwigwam as your on demand 2nd tier partner to fill more shifts and keep more clients! It’s the fastest route to find additional candidates.

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