Use redwigwam as a second tiering partner.
Or post your role to the redwigwam job board.

We’ll help you fulfil your clients requirements every time

A tool for the recruitment industry

We offer 2 simple options to work together to help you fill every role for every client.

Option 1: redwigwam as a 2nd tier partner

We’ll provide you with fully-compliant temporary workers at a very low cost.

Using redwigwam as a 2nd tier partner-provider means you’re able to fill more of your clients hard to fill jobs, as well as finding more people at short notice for very late requirements.

Our database of 115,000+ workers is very different to the agency norm – meaning you’ll have instant access to a variety of people who are looking for work and ready to start instantly.

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Option 2: The redwigwam job board

Our newly launched job board is already used regularly by many businesses to advertise jobs to our 115,000+ registered workers.

redwigwam offers a new approach for agencies to advertise jobs, and provides excellent value for money. Our simple charges mean you can advertise roles at a much lower cost than by using traditional job boards.   

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