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A tool for the recruitment industry

We have a huge bank of quality workers, across the UK, ready to go at the click of a button

We know that you will have your own database and staff, but what about those opportunities that you can’t fill? Or those that are too short term to be worth your effort filling?

With RedWigWam, you can post a job 24/7, 365 days of the year. Your jobs can last anywhere from 15 minutes to temporary ongoing. 

So don’t say no to any more opportunities – use RedWigWam as a tool to book the staff that you need, when you need them for the additional opportunities. 

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How does it work?

It’s really easy! Login to your RedWigWam dashboard and click ‘Add a job’.

You can then use one of our templates to autofill a lot of the detail on our post a job form.

Once you have set the location, pay rate and hours, you will be able to post your job to match to our huge database of workers ready to go.

We take care of briefing the workers ahead of the job and the payroll after – it couldn’t be easier!

But what will it cost me?

We understand the time and effort that is involved in recruitment. We are not trying to replace you and your teams, but instead give you the ability to always fulfil your clients needs – whatever they may be.

Let’s say you specialise in IT recruitment, but your client asks you for some ad-hoc staff that you aren’t able to source? Rather than declining the opportunity, post the job on RedWigWam and get the results that your client wanted. 

Our booking fee is just 9% of the hourly rate that you set to pay the worker – this means that there is plenty of scope for you to make your margin on top.

Don’t risk losing clients to competitors because you can’t meet their requirements.
Do it right. Do it with RedWigWam.

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