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Know someone who’s hiring or needs a helping hand? Introduce them to RedWigWam and earn £100.

Do you know anyone who’s looking for staff? We all have friends/family members who are self employed and need extra help from time to time. So why not introduce them to RedWigWam, the UK’s number one job booking platform.

We’re always looking to build our hirer database and provide new jobs for our 57,000+ workers. We’d love you to tell them how great you found our service and ask them to post their next vacancy with us. 

If you recommend a business to register on RedWigWam and they go ahead to post a job with us – on completion of that job, you will be paid a £100 referral bonus.

Get your thinking caps on and spread the word!

RedWigWam - automated online job booking platform


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You spread the word
about RedWigWam 
and the new hirer
registers here

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Once they post
the job on RedWigWam,
it’s matched to our
57,000+ workers
who can book the job

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Once the job is complete
and hirer invoice paid
you will be paid
an amazing £100


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