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What RedWigWam can do for professionals

RedWigWam isn’t just for mums and students. We also cater to those who may be freelancers or those who are in between more highly skilled jobs.

We get that professional workers such as those in the medical, legal and accountancy sector don’t want to settle for second best, but they’re not prepared to risk letting their skills slide either.

Interim work not only gives you some extra money to play with, but it also keeps the CV looking desirable until you find your next role.

Due to this we also offer roles such as Graphic Designers, Social Media Managers and Accountancy admin. These may only be short, temporary roles, but they keep you on your toes between whatever else it is you’re doing.

Keep the skills up-to-date while you earn extra cash by registering for temp work through RedWigWam.

Perfect jobs for professionals

Social media manager
Our hirer needs their social media accounts to buzz, not just run. Hours vary, depending on availability and experience.

Graphic Designer
Ideal for an experienced designer who’s looking for some extra work, or is currently between roles. Experience essential – so select skills as appropriate. 


“I recently moved to a different part of the UK and had to leave my existing job as a paralegal. I decided to register for temp work through Red WigWam for some money in the meantime, and I ended up being matched to another paralegal job close to where I live. Perfect!”

– Jade Birch

How do I get started?

It’s really easy. You need to register an account with us.

When you join RedWigWam, you become part of our community. We treat all of our workers fairly, which means we deal with tax and National Insurance for you, plus all our workers are eligible for our pension scheme, earn holiday pay and have access to our RedWigWam rewards scheme.

When you register, we’ll need to see your National Insurance number, plus your passport (or right to work documents if you were born outside the UK).

Other jobs sites may not ask you for this personal information, but we’re not like other job sites, because we do everything the right way.

You can rest assured your personal information is completely secure – and we only use it to match you to your perfect jobs, and pay you of course!

RedWigWam also has lots of other types of jobs available:

You’re under no obligation to accept work – but there are loads of opportunities to earn some extra money.

It’s completely free to register – we pay you, not the other way around.

We pay really quickly – often within 24hrs of a job being completed.

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