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Toppers, Slappers, Drivers, Cleaners?

We’ve got them all!

redwigwam are the only Papa John’s head office approved temp staff provider. Stores across the UK are using us to book drivers, toppers and slappers every day.

You simply tell us who you need and when you need them for and we manage the rest. Our system automatically matches your job advert to temp staff in the area who have the skills that you need.

You can post jobs anytime – we operate 24/7, 365 days of the year. We even find temporary workers at short notice. So, if someone phones in sick – don’t lose sales due to short staffing issues. Book the staff that you need, when you need them with redwigwam.

We’ve already registered you to use redwigwam, so simply log in at the link below using your Papa Johns email, and you’ll automatically receive Papa John’s discounted rates.

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How do we find temp staff for you?

It’s really easy! Login to your redwigwam dashboard and click ‘Add a job’.

You can then use one of our delivery driver templates to autofill a lot of the detail on our post a job form.

Once you have set the location, pay rate and hours, you will be able to post your job to instantly match to our huge database of temporary staff ready to go.

We’ll even check the workers driving licence and send an email to confirm who will be attending.

Ready to go?

We only charge you a small percentage of the hourly rate you decide to pay. We charge for any hours worked based on an approved timesheet.

Even better, no booking – no fee (although we’re confident this won’t happen).

Don’t miss out on the extra sales and increase in demand as more people choose to stay in and pizza.

No matter what your requirements or setup are – redwigwam are here to help. We can support your headcount and help you to maximise your sales.

Do it right. Do it with redwigwam.

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