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What RedWigWam can do for you.

Sometimes you just need some extra money in the bank to do more of the things you want in life, but this can be hard to do if your current job does’t offer overtime.  RedWigWam recognises that people may be happy in their current work, but are looking for flexibility of a second job that lets you earn a bit more as and when it’s needed.

Then there are situations when you’re actively looking for work, but you don’t want to just sit around and do nothing until you’re hired.  You can add valuable skills to your CV through temporary jobs, which can make you more employable at your next job.

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Perfect Jobs for Everyone

Data administrator
Help build a database of current and new clients

Mystery Shopping
Various roles nationwide, suitable for anyone to complete.

Paralegal for the property and planning team

“I’ve found myself in need of some extra money every now and again, but my current employer doesn’t offer overtime.  It’s great being able to temp outside of my normal working hours, as it lets me top up my wage whenever I need to.”

– Jemma Davies

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