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Part-time jobs for students

Looking for work in Leicester while you’re at uni? You’re in the right place! Welcome to redwigwam. 

We make finding short-term, temporary, or part-time work really, really easy.

Whether you’re saving for a shopping trip, night out with your friends, or a Leicester Tigers game – we’re here to help.

We have loads of jobs ideal for students. Whatever your skill set and experience. 

Pushed for time? Don’t worry. The brilliant thing about redwigwam is you are in control. We’ll match you with ideal jobs – you decide if you want to take them or not. So, no hassle if you’re extra busy close to deadlines – and lots of work if you’ve got more free time.

 And if you’re heading home for the holidays, update your location and find work close to home too. It really doesn’t get better!

 Sign up. Get work. Get paid. It really is that easy.

And best of all – we can pay you within 24 hours of your timesheets being approved. Every day if you like (or monthly or weekly if you’d prefer).

Bar jobs for students

Bar & hospitality jobs are a great way to make extra money. Lots of opportunities at football clubs, racecourses and festivals.

Mystery shopping jobs

An easy way to earn extra money – mystery shopping jobs take between 15mins and an hour.

Jobs in retail

Lots of temporary jobs in retail available – fantastic way to get experience and earn extra money.

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The best bit is
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(or monthly or weekly if you’d prefer)

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