Find cleaning staff for under £12/hour

Red Clean are the experts in providing flexible staffing solutions for your cleaning business. 

We'll provide instant access to experienced cleaning staff, nationwide, for as little as £12 an hour. And you only pay for the hours you need. 

Register with us today for immediate access to our community of trained, experienced cleaning staff, with no long-term obligation to your business.

We have cleaning staff in every corner of the UK and are confident we can fulfil your requirement for additional people whether on a short-term or long-term basis.

Some of the jobs we’ve covered recently include:

  • Commercial cleaners
  • Corporate cleaners
  • Hospital cleaning staff
  • Residential cleaners, including domestic and end of tenancy
  • Litter pickers
  • Builders cleans (CSS card required)

We know keeping costs down is important.

Our team will talk you through all the details, but as a guide, employing a cleaner for a 3 hour shift at £9/hour will cost you around £36 all in. 

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