How to Write the Perfect Job Description

Published on: Thu, 16 Jun 2022
By: Rachael, redwigwam

In 2022, we officially have more job advertisements than we have people to fill them. So, as you’re probably aware with this news, advertising roles and finding quality candidates is tough. How do you stand out amongst the eye-straining list of job advertisements? At redwigwam we’re listing 8 tips to writing the perfect job description to attract the best candidates to your business.

Do you need help writing the perfect job description?

At redwigwam, we can help you write the perfect ad for you business, and source you the right candidates.

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Choose a clear, concise job title 

You’ll have probably noticed (or used yourself) companies using different job titles such as, ‘Content Guru’ or ‘Finance Superstar’. As much as this shows your companies character, it’s not what your candidates are keying into Indeed or LinkedIn when they’re looking for a role.

Keep it clear and concise. If you were looking for the role you’re advertising – what would you search in the tool bar?

Be mobile-friendly

In an article written by, they found 86% of jobseekers who have smartphones use them to find jobs, 65% of those would search for available positions, 55% would receive job alerts, 47% would apply to a few jobs and 45% would track their application status.

So we can all agree, mobile optimisation is important! You can do this by keeping your job ad as concise as possible, so all the text is on one page, with candidates not needing to scroll. We’d also recommend bullet-pointing some areas so the candidate can easily read the role and requirements on their phone.

Sell the job

Choosing a new job can be scary. It takes up a lot of our time and some of us may see our coworkers more than family and friends. Which in turn means you need to sell your company to quality candidates.

Is there anything exciting your company does? Company lunches? Days or nights out?

Put it all in there!

We'd also recommend included anything else to draw candidates in such as charities you support. 

Give a salary range

In this current climate, candidates will need to see a salary range. It would be a waste of both your time, and the candidates if you both went through 4 rounds of interviews together, and a task to find the salary is not within the candidates' range. 

You only have to scroll through LinkedIn to see how much Gen Z and millennials dislike the term 'competitive salary'...  

 Being honest and upfront is key to getting the right people. 

If you're really unsure on the salary, add an estimate but leave a disclaimer that it could possibly be higher depending on the person and their experience.

Be realistic

A lot of candidates read job ads, and get put off by the requirements. Whilst it would be fantastic to have a recent graduate apply who has 5 years of experience, it's highly unlikely.

Set your list into required and desired.

Required may be a degree, whilst desired could be 2-5 years of experience. 

This will then open your pool of candidates a little wider to find the right person, and you never know, the right person for you may have wayyyy less experience than you thought you needed!

Be as specific as you can about day-to-day tasks

This is the best way for the candidate to know if the job is right for them. If you lists the day-to-day tasks they know what they are capable of, and what they're not capable of. This may even help the discussion in the interview process, candidates can discuss what scares them about the role and what they're excited about.

With some roles, the not-knowing of some day-to-day tasks is completely fine and a lot of companies do things differently. So you can reassure the candidate, or tell them the role may not be suitable for them. 

Use keywords

Think of SEO - candidates are going to be searching for jobs in their area as they scroll through Google, or any recruitment platform, and you want to be at the top of that list.

If you're looking for a Warehouse Operative it may be worth doing multiple ads such as:

Warehouse Picker

Pick Packer

Warehouse Operator

If you post jobs on, you can even go onto your dashboard, click on Analytics & type in your job title and location. A report will be generated, showing how competitive the role is, the top search term via clicks, and the top employer via clicks. 

Make sure the layout makes it easy to skim through

The layout of a job advertisement is so important. 

If you're a jobseeker scrolling through hundreds of ads, the last thing you're going to do is read a block of text over 800 words. Ensuring it's skimmable will help attract the right candidates and avoid their finger from scrolling past your ad!! 

We hope this blog has helped you with writing your perfect job description. If you need any help writing the job and sourcing candidates, click here to find how we can help you. 

Do you need help writing the perfect job description?

At redwigwam, we can help you write the perfect ad for you business, and source you the right candidates.

Tell us what you need