Christmas comes too early?

Published on: Mon, 30 Nov 2020
By: Elliott, redwigwam

How to avoid stress during a time of merry.

It’s one day.

One day of the year which is already conflated to around 3-4 weeks.

And those 3-4 weeks are even more conflated to around 3 months in shops.

… And those 3 months are even MORE lengthened by those who like to ‘prepare’ for the holiday season.

Those who buy their cards on sale in January, those who start their gift buying around summertime, and those who just decide to leave their decorations up all year – although I believe that’s just laziness.

So basically, if these preparations are to be believed, you should be planning for this one day 365 days a year, every year.

Which is escapism on steroids.

It’s ridiculous. Seriously.  

Christmas is fun, and a nice time to set aside for the family.

But when you’re setting time aside to set time aside in the future this becomes a vortex – a vortex of time restriction and stressing about something inconsequential.

Now, I know what you’re thinking ‘That’s a lot of moaning, maybe you can just chill and let these people be excited!’

And fair enough, it doesn’t affect me that much specifically.

But it can desensitise the special day.

Something which should be satisfying and fun turns into a chore. And can also produce some stress. How do you avoid this?

Spend what you can, and don’t feel guilty.

There will be many blogs that’ll tell you to start saving up on the 1st of January so you can buy presents next year.

But this negates the point.

You shouldn’t be spending a year’s worth of savings on your loved ones, the pressure is ridiculous.

Buy what you can and if they're ungrateful don’t buy them presents again, they don’t deserve them.

Make it about Family

Don’t focus on decorating your house amazingly over giving you kid freedom to make the tree, because that colour-coordinated tree isn’t as nice as seeing a happy child.

Set time aside to see the family rather than focus on the inner-most circle, because even if they are insufferable, it can be nice to be out of your day-to-day grind, a break in a routine can be a good thing.

Don’t turn into an alcoholic.

There’s always that family member who takes it too far, and there’s that person who does it for two weeks straight.

And as far as I know, just because you can drink every day/night it doesn’t mean you should. It takes away from the point. You could do something else but be drunk. That’s not a holiday.

Christmas can be an amazing time, one to be grateful and make the most stubborn people generous.

A time for nostalgia, enjoyment and relaxation.

So don’t take it too seriously, or it will quickly turn into your worst enemy.

Get fat and escape from your stress, don’t create more, it’s unnecessary.

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