A more grounded Christmas

Published on: Fri, 04 Dec 2020
By: Dan, redwigwam

This time of year is always hectic. Particularly after the year we've had. 

People rushing around, heads filled with unwanted and unneeded pressure.

We are all so busy, we forget about the little things in life.

I myself, wrap warm in the heap of it all, admiring the Christmas lights and engaging in all the festivities.

This caused me to think about that period beyond December when we’ve stopped rushing.

Where we trudge through what feels like four months of January; the full thick of winter, awaiting February hoping for a glimpse of early spring…

And it made me realise that all this time I’ve been adoring Christmas and much of the other Autumnal and Wintery Holidays, as a sedative to the effects of winter.

And so anyway whilst – of course, I shall still relish in the joy of Pre-Christmas and seasonal holiday delights…

I thought it mightn’t hurt to devise a little plan for myself; to help me show a little gratitude to November and the months to follow through the art and savouring and self-care.

So as not to get too far swept up in Christmas and all its grandeur and then at least maybe January won’t seem like such a gruelling hangover.

So here it is, my new found rituals this season…


Because it’s ruddy cold out there.

Let us not forget that tea is the backbone of society.

It occurred to me that one of the simplest, smallest, and kind things you could do for somebody else and/or yourself, especially at this time of year would be to make a cup of tea to savour.

So, I am making the effort to fill my travel cup on the way out the door.

Get out the house for a bit.

As the days are shortening, I am noticing it’s all too easy, on those days you don’t have to leave the house to not leave the house.

The air is biting and that’s just the draft by the window, however, I am urging myself to wrap up and take myself out for a walk.

Even it’s just to the shops or around the block, I must take the opportunity to get out in it, where possible.

Though, it’s easier to choose warmth and stay huddled up inside, when the afternoons and night-times roll into one I can’t bare the feeling that a day has escaped me amidst daytime tv viewing.

Daylight is essential to health and proper functioning right – (cough- roll out the doctor to back me up on this please).

Clean up.

I know this might sound a bit strange, autumn and winter isn’t always such a clean time of year…

I tend to be busy and with work, school, and other commitments picking up, the calendar fills, the pile of muddy shoes by the door will only get muddier.

Often, I find I am just lacking the motivation and the time.

My exhortation, however, to myself is this – to pick a small manageable area in my home or even workspace that corner that’s been winding me up – (there usually is always at least one) something that will take no more than 30 minutes

Whatever it is, choose it and conquer it! Gifting myself the chance to gain a small sense of achievement for my own peace of mind.


I have always said it.

I am routinely bad at routines, I abhor them, for all sorts of reasons, however, I know from bitter experience how the colder months call for a little more discipline than my usual airy-fairy approach.

(YAWN) the bills need to be paid, that appointment made, the family are visiting.

Throw together any of the varied mixes of ingredients that basic living has to offer, and it can all get so overwhelming so fast and that’s why I shall be employing a little more structure this autumn forward as an act of kindness upon my future self.

Cook. Seasonally.

With music in the background, preferably.

I like to eat out and sometimes I am just lazy to the point where I ought to look like a slice of white bread

And because often my heart is like order the pizza whilst my wallet is like just cook the ingredients, I’ve been using the time where I’d much prefer not to leave the house to expand my repertoire of meals and I am finding it increasingly rewarding and therapeutic, which is surprising.

Cooking simply and seasonally is a great way to savour this time of year and to show gratitude for the abundance that IS available.

This time of year is tough on the old purse strings, so I’ve been making the most of the gorgeous seasonal veg on offer, marrying them to basic store cupboard items.

Creamy winter cabbage and bacon, or autumnal squash pulp kneaded into bread flour to make the sweetest golden flatbread, spaghetti and red sauce!

Also, I’m counting any baked goods made with cinnamon or ginger to be classed as seasonal cooking, so it’s a win, win.

So, there are my rules for a more grounded Christmas and winter season in general, I know they might be simple in design, however, I’d be interested to hear if anybody else has any similar rituals, do you see the need for such?

Anyone out there like me formally cruising on the high of Christmas from September forward.

Please share your thoughts.

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