Why do companies hire temps?

Why do companies hire temps

There are many reasons why companies hire temporary workers. A temp staffing agency can quickly supply your business with people to do a specific job. For example, companies hire temps because of illness, to cover holidays, parental leave or because someone has left unexpectedly.

Companies also hire temp staff to meet extra demand during busy periods – it’s a simple and cost-effective way of adding to your workforce.

For a lot of businesses, it is very time-consuming to go through CVs and arrange interviews with potential candidates.

A lot of companies find they do not have the time, whether they have a big event or it is a general busy period, such as Christmas. Employing staff through an agency can take a lot of unnecessary stress off you and your employees.

Hiring temp staff through an agency can be a useful resource when you need staff quickly. If you contact an agency, they will already have skilled workers who have all their right to work checks, so no paperwork!

The great thing about going through an agency is access to workers fast and efficiently.

For example, if workers are ill and no longer available to work over a busy weekend or during an event, an agency like redwigwam can supply you with workers as soon as possible.

This would be almost impossible if you had to do the hiring alone!

Redwigwam can do all the screening for the workers, make sure they’re right for the role, and book them on!

Any business can hire temp staff.

Whether it’s for a restaurant, retailer, bar work – the list goes on.

At redwigwam we have workers who have categorised their skills, so it is easy for us to find workers you may be looking for.

We go the extra mile to find the staff for you.

So if you need a worker with a specific set of skills that may be out of the ordinary for our wigwammers, we can look for workers externally.

We have an excellent marketing team, who focus on bringing in new staff each day.

We ensure all workers who sign up with us and book onto a job, have passed all their right to work checks before screening them or sending over any CVs.

So rest assure, any workers we provide you will be fully vetted & a great asset to your business!

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