Who pays temporary workers?

Who pays temporary workers

If you hire temporary staff through an agency like redwigwam, we take care of all aspects of payroll for you. This means, we pay them (at redwigwam that happens within 24 hours of their timesheet being approved) and you pay us.

Paying temporary workers like this means you can easily flex the numbers of staff you need at any time without the hassle of adding them to your own payroll – and you only have to book them for the hours you need.

At redwigwam, we pride ourselves on working flexibly. So, we understand you may need our wigwammers for different shift patterns on different days.

We can create timesheets for the shifts you need, and our worker will fill it out and send it off for approval once they have completed their shift.

If you ask one of our wigwammers to work an extra couple of hours, they can use a tool on their timesheet to add how many hours they have worked. This would be the same if they finished their shift at an earlier time.

This makes things much easier for the hirer. You won’t have to fill out or add on any extra hours to your own payroll.

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