How can I work from home?

how can I work from home?

Working from home might seem like a fantastic solution and there are many benefits to working from home.

Here are some top tips for successfully working from home.

  • Keep in touch with your colleagues

Making sure you stay in touch with your colleagues is vital. You can set up skype calls, download virtual office apps, or of course, give them a call!

It’s important to make sure you keep on top of things and know what may be going on whilst you’re at home! It also lets your colleagues know you’re on hand to help if any issues arise.

  • Set up a dedicated work space

This is important! You need a space where you can work/focus.

Although it may sound great lounging around on the sofa, you may not feel motivated to do your best work.

Find a place to fit a small desk, or even tidy up your dinner table as an office for the day!

  • Make sure your tech is secure

Working from home can be great, but you need to make sure you have a secure laptop/computer.

Make sure you have memorable passwords on all your files & make sure you have virus software on your system.

Most virus software will remind you to do a check, but just in case, set a reminder on your phone to keep up-to-date with software checks!

  • Make sure your WiFi is up to the job

There is nothing worse than scheduling a meeting/skype call and the WiFi is down!

To work efficiently from home, you must be able to have WiFi that runs smoothly, this will ensure you are replying to people promptly and hitting all of your targets.

  • Stick to a schedule

It’s very easy to become overwhelmed whilst working at home.

A lot of us tend to get distracted by little things such as the dog barking or someone ringing the door bell.

Set a schedule, with tasks and deadlines. Then, you won’t forget at the end of the day what your goals were.

  • Log out of your social media

With no one around, it is very easy to play on your phone and retweet funny memes.

Logging out of social media will ensure you are focused like you would be in the office.

Although you may be at home, you still have deadlines you need to hit.

  • Work when you’re most productive

If you’re feeling productive, use that time to get stuff done.

If you have anything you forgot to finish or an extra task that needs completing, doing it when you feel at your best will have a big impact.

  • Plan ahead what you’ll be working on

This will make things much easier on yourself. Working from home is ideal for most people, however, it can be stressful if you’re not completely sure what you’re working on/what day.

Setting up a plan, and a list of goals may help. You can also track your progress – this may help to see what shift patterns are working for you!

  • Set expectations for anyone who may be at home with you

Let the people around you know you’re working.

Friends and family may see it as you’re available for a coffee and a chat, or a walk in the park. Make sure they know you’re busy.

  • Take clear breaks

Take breaks in between working from home.

Go for a walk on your lunch, or if it’s nice – sit in the garden!

If you take breaks, you are more likely to feel more productive/awake.

We hope these tips have helped – please share them with your work from home pals!

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