Are temp staff employees?

Are temp staff employees

Employees who are hired for a limited period of time are known as temporary employees.

As an employer, you can hire temporary staff through an agency like redwigwam. This means you pay the agency (which will include National Insurance contributions, holiday pay and a pension contribution). It is the agency who employs a temporary employee for you.

So if you hire the staff yourself, they are most definitely employees. If an agency such as redwigwam hirers them, they will be an employee of ours (or the agency you go with.)

This doesn’t mean the worker has to be treated any differently if you decide to go with an agency.

The worker will still work for you, do the hours you have requested them to do, and can do any general tasks you would like.

Just like any other employee!

Usually, if you go through an agency such as redwigwam, we deal with any pay queries or other general issues.

We can communicate with you, or you can discuss with the worker yourself what hours are needed, where the worker will be working etc.

How this process works, can be completely up to you.

In some cases, business’ will give their temp workers a weekly schedule, with what shift they’re working/department.

The worker can then contact us, with all the times they will be working. Once they have given us a message, we ask for confirmation from the hirer to then create the timesheets for payment.

The hours wigwammers work, can be sorted completely between the hirer and the worker & then sent over to us.

However, you can always ask redwigwam to contact the workers to see if they would like to do extra hours/extend their contract.

Agencies are more than happy to do as much or as little as you would like in regards to services.

Temporary employees are still very much a part of the team, whether employed through yourself or an agency!

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