4 reasons why 24/7 Availability jobs are perfect for topping up your income

24/7 availability

Have you ever been into a supermarket and the shelf where your favourite type of cereal should be sat is *inserts dramatic music*… EMPTY? Brands don’t like it when their customers can’t buy a product that they love.

It’s impossible to be in all places at all times to check whether a product is on the shelf for customers to buy.

Big or small, brands rely on people to get to the locations they can’t reach – and this is where 24/7 Availability jobs step in. A match made in heaven, these jobs enable a brand to have real-time knowledge of their products’ whereabouts and gives YOU a way to top up your income. Dreamy.

  1. Fast and flexy, calls take less than 45 minutes
    Visit the store, check the product and submit a report. Think of yourself as a 24/7 Availability angel*.
  2. Don’t have experience of checking products in store?
    Not a problem. Anyone who signs up with redwigwam can complete these calls. PLUS we have a brand new shiny e-learning course which demonstrates how to successfully complete a 24/7 Availability job. You can swot up from the comfort of your own home and then head into store with Beyoncé-style confidence.
  3. 100’s of shifts are loaded each day in stores across the UK
    North of the wall or south of the border, there’s bound to be an empty shelf near you that needs a visit from an availability angel. If you’re travelling further afield, there may also be 24/7 Availability jobs en-route to your destination. Book on to as many as you like – the more store visits you make, the more you earn.
  4. Get paid within 24 hours of your report being approved.
    Really? Within 24 hours? I hear you ask. Abso-flexing-lutely! Or get paid weekly. Or monthly. It’s your choice. Just like the job, we’re totally flexible as to when you get paid. It’s your hard earned dollar after all.

SO. The shelves stay stocked up, you get to top up your income, everyone’s a winner baby.

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*Sorry, we know you’d look heavenly but wings and halo not included.

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