Who employs temporary employees?

Who employs temporary employees?

It depends. If you chose to take the person on yourself, you can employ them on a fixed-term contract, which means their employment ends on a specific date.

Many employers chose to employ temporary employees through a temporary work agency like redwigwam.

This means they have a contract with an agency, but work on a temporary basis for an employer.

The great thing about employing someone through Redwigwam is you can extend the contract if needed.

If the worker can only work until the time agreed, another temporary worker will be on hand to fill the role, rather than you being stuck with a heavy workload, searching for another employee.

An agency like redwigwam will help you through every stage of the process.

They can help set the job up on the system, book workers for you and of course manage any workers pay queries.

Employing temps through an agency also means no hassle when it comes to workers finishing earlier or later when they do a shift for you.

At redwigwam, we have timesheets you can approve and manage.

So, if you’ve asked a wigwammer to work an extra hour, they can simply add this to their timesheet for your approval.

This is also great for making sure you haven’t paid anyone who hasn’t turned up. The date/time of shift will be displayed and any other additional info.

For example, if you wanted them to list their line manager or upload the sign-in/out sheet.

We want the hirer to have a completely stress-free experience with us. If you have any problems, for example, a worker hasn’t turned up for a couple of shifts, here at redwigwam HQ we’ll call them and see if anything is wrong.

If you employ temporary staff by yourself & they leave their contract with you, this can leave you in a tight situation with no backup.

Say if a worker is no longer well enough to partake anymore, or it simply wasn’t for them, an agency (like ourselves) will always have workers on hand, even if you only need an extra hand for a couple of hours or days.

An agency gives you a lot more security when it comes to finding temporary workers.

If you’re simply too busy to recruit, create a contract & pay temporary employees – why not leave it to us?

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