What is the definition of temporary staff?

What is the definition of temporary staff

The definition of temporary staff is people who are only expected to work in a position for a certain period of time.

The amount of time they work each week doesn’t matter.

They could work full-time, for a set period only, or just for a few days or hours each week.

The important factor is they are only there for a certain period.

With redwigwam, we take the hassle of hiring temporary staff away.

We employ the workers on your behalf.

So, we recruit the wigwammers, sort out their timesheets & pay them through our payroll.

You can select staff for 5 minutes to 5 months – it is really up to you, you’re the boss!

You can also upload as many different jobs you like…

& accept as many temporary workers you need in order to complete your role.

The great thing about redwigwam?

If you like one of our wigwammers and think they do a great job when completing calls for you, you can load another job & request them again.

Temporary staff are great for lots of reasons, they’re not only flexible but can adapt in many different roles as this is what they do!

Not only are our temp workers skilled from mystery shopping to merchandising, but they are also rated from 1 star up to 5.

This is perfect for you to see which wigwammers are reliable for your business.

Especially if the role requires screening/interviews.

Temporary workers can do lots of things for you and your company, from creating an instant impact to picking up extra shifts.

They’re there to help out and take the heavyweight off permanent employees.

As well as being all-round amazing, they are much more cost-effective.

Temporary workers are a temporary solution to help out current staff. therefore they do not need annual salaries etc.

The best thing about Temporary workers?


Most temporary workers are used to working long & short term contracts. They are perfect for meeting the demands and deadlines for your company.

If a project goes on for longer than expected, you can ask the workers if they would like to extend their time with you.

The great thing about it – if they have other plans, there will be more workers willing and waiting for their next role.

Are you thinking of hiring temp staff?

The great thing about redwigwam is we shorten the hiring process for you – chances are we already have a worker with the right skills ready to book onto a role with you today!

Why not hire someone to help out your business, who can bring a fresh perspective & a diverse set of skills?

You can sign up as a hirer here https://www.redwigwam.com/hirers/join

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