How do you hire temporary staff?

How do you hire temporary staff?

Most companies hire temporary staff for a specific business requirement, as it means you avoid the costs associated with hiring a permanent employee.

The easiest way to hire temporary workers is through an agency who specialise in this type of work. It’s much less time consuming and means you get a choice of people who are used to this type of work.

With Redwigwam, we have over 100,000 workers who do this for a living; they are used to adapting to different roles.

Whether that be installing POS in a popular retailer or merchandising a fragrance display on their local high street.

There are many benefits and reasons for hiring temporary staff.

One being their flexibility.

Temporary workers go the extra mile to fulfill their current roles.

Whether that be working around uni lectures or around their children’s school hours…

Temp workers will go the extra mile to do additional tasks that permanent employees may not have time for.

Our wigwammers have got their own profiles for temporary work with us.

They select their skills, how far they’d be willing to commute and the type of work they would like to see appear on their dashboard.

Signing up as a hirer on Redwigwam couldn’t be easier.

The fulfillment team can find workers with the set of skills you’re looking for, and the hours you need for your business.

Once you’ve signed up with us and completed your profile, you can then write your job description. Here you can sell the job to the workers.

Let them know the time of shift, the location & what skills they may need before booking onto the job.

If the job requires screening or interviews, workers can book themselves ‘on the bench.’

This is a perfect tool to use.

Once they’re on the bench you can then screen them or have them send over their CV’s.

This is great for picking and choosing the correct temporary candidate for you.

If you have a task that doesn’t require a specific set of skills, you can have it open for any wigwammer to book on.

As long as you give them the correct brief or instructions, leave them to do the rest!

Here’s how you can hire temp staff today

  • Complete your profile.
  • Load a job with us (give us as much details & requirements as possible i.e if you would like workers to be pending, 18+ etc)
  • Put the job live
  • Let us do the rest!

If you need help setting up a hirers account, please email or pop up on our live chat facility you can access to your right >>>

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