Are temporary staff entitled to holiday pay?

Are temporary staff entitled to holiday pay?

Yes. Temporary staff are entitled to holiday pay. In the UK, all workers are legally entitled to 5.6 weeks paid holiday a year.

At redwigwam, we employ all our workers. Which means they earn holiday pay for every job they complete. We believe all workers, should enjoy the same rights – so all our wigwammers are given the same rights as someone who is permanently employed.

It is really easy for our wigwammers to claim it, too!

They email our payroll team with their request.

Once processed, a timesheet is given (like it would for any of our jobs) with the calculated amount.

Just like any job on our system – they will submit it for approval.


The great thing about it? It’s all sorted through us.

So, you don’t need to worry about calculating how much a wigwammer is owed…

Or worry over approving their holiday pay!

At redwigwam, we like to encourage each wigwammer to take holiday time off and reinforce the necessity for time off.

The more the wigwammers works, the more holiday pay they can claim.

In order to effectively manage holiday entitlement for our thousands of workers, redwigwam manages holiday entitlement on a quarterly basis. 

Holiday pay will be accrued on a quarterly basis based on the applicable rate of each assignment and will be paid on request.

Holiday pay will not be automatically rolled over into subsequent quarters.

It is the wigwammers responsibility to take and request a holiday in accordance with this holiday policy.

This encourages our workers to take time off!

If any of our workers are confused by this, we have a ‘worker terms and conditions’ page they can look at.

& Of course, they can pop onto our live chat facility.

The redwigwam team is always on hand to help wigwammers understand the holiday policies.

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