Tips to beat the back to work blues – for you and your team

flexible working

Going back to work after the festive period can be hard for all. Adjusting to the busy routine after a couple of weeks of downtime takes some getting used to.

If you’re struggling to ease yourself back into work & the new decade, try following some of redwigwam’s top tips…

Take time to connect with colleagues

It doesn’t take much to show your work colleagues that you appreciate them. This can be anything from making them a cup of tea or coffee to pointing out when they’ve done a great job working on a project.

Getting to know your team allows them to feel more relaxed and comfortable. Plus, if someone isn’t working up to their usual standard, but they feel comfortable, they’ll be able to tell you what’s wrong. Help them to get back on track, and they’ll feel like they work in a trusted environment.

Be more flexible

2019 saw a real drive to allowing more flexible work for those who want or need it. And it’s a trend which will go from strength to strength 2020. 

Let us help you make it a reality for your team in the new decade. 

People are much happier and more productive with flexibility in their lives. Even small things – like letting staff go home a little earlier once a week – will make a big difference. If possible, try giving them a work from home day.

Encourage switching off at break times

If you work in an office, you will usually see people eating their sandwiches whilst replying to a heap of emails. Encourage each other to take a break from your desks – let them know that the emails can wait!

This applies for any job. If you work in hospitality where staff are on their feet all day – give each other a breather and stop rushing lunch to get back to work. 

A well-deserved break benefits all – as employees come back fresh-faced and feeling productive.

Listen to your team’s needs, ask them what they would prefer. 

Set realistic goals

If you know certain targets will not be made by a certain time, don’t set them.

Instead, set incremental goals to reach the bigger target. This will reduce stress for everyone, you included!

Not only that, it will show you and others how far you’ve come, with each target reached.

Help your team in any way you can

Let’s face it, everyone can get stressed. 

People want to do a great job, but sometimes busy periods can be too much, and if your team are struggling with their workload – they may need some help.

If this is the case for your business, it’s often a good idea to consider taking on extra staff now and again, to take the stress off your existing employees. 

At redwigwam, we have over 105,000 workers ready to work flexibly for any occasion, so whether you need staff for a couple of hours or a couple of months, we can provide the perfect people for you to take off the additional stress your current employees are facing. 

Finally – remember to enjoy yourself!

At redwigwam HQ, it is often very busy. However, we always make time for a little bit of fun. 

Whether that be secret Santa or pumpkin carving competitions, it’s always good to have some fun with one another. 

A happy workplace = more productivity. 

So, let’s beat those back-to-work blues together! And remember, if you ever need to take a heavy workload off you and your team’s shoulders, we have the wigwammers for you, ready and waiting.

To get started, head over to to set up your account. If you’d like a quick chat to one of our team about how we can help, please book a time for a demo here.

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