Sprouts are Not Just for Christmas

There is
always that one heated debate around the Christmas dinner table each year…

Do you like
sprouts, or not?

They’re a
bit like marmite, some people love them, whilst others… could do without.

But those of us who love sprouts will eat them all year round.

And we will
happily tell you, sprouts are not just for Christmas.

like temp workers.

Hundreds of
job ads are loaded for temp workers around Christmas, anything from bar work to
sales advisors.

But like sprouts, temp workers are great at any time of year, for any occasion.

At Redwigwam, you can hire temp workers from 5 minutes to 5 months (and counting.)

Like our wigwam sprouts, we have roles such as waiters, mystery shoppers, surveyors & cleaners.

You can hire temp workers for maternity cover, sickness, or for busy events when you need more staff.

So basically, you can hire temp workers for anything.

Just like you can eat sprouts whenever you want.

Sprouts and temp workers are for all year round, not just for Christmas.

You can find sprouts in your local supermarket…

And temp workers here today: https://www.redwigwam.com/hirers/login

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