People in Hospitality

Hospitality can sometimes be temperamental in the characters it’ll throw at you…

But this can be part of the fun.

If it’s a student who’ll be an hour late most of the time because he prioritises FIFA over work…

or the 57 year old supervisor who is larger than life – you’ll interact with them all.

There’s a diverse range of people who are trudging their way to minimum wage.

Some as a career; and some in a sort of purgatory between where they are and where they want to be.

Part of the fun is to have create back-catalogue of tropes that fit into the industry.

As you make your way through this limbo, remember to take notice.

Because it’s probably some of the best character-building you can get your hands on…   

The KP who is inconvenienced all the time.

In a hotel I worked at – we had a Kitchen Porter called Gary.

Gary liked to remind everyone that his life was harder than yours.

Every dish he collected surprised him…

like he thought he was walking into an architect’s office expecting to draw the next Liver Building and they handed him a towel, pushing him over the sink and forced him to get scrubbing.

He would often have fights with inanimate objects, ranging from faulty trolleys, ill-punctual elevators to cracked tea pots.

Gary would spend a lot of time alone so I always imagined he treated them like misbehaving colleagues. 

The Chef who is also inconvenienced all the time.

People who work in kitchens usually have names that are limited to one or two syllables…

Gary, Dave, Paul – all the saints in the bible.

But ironically they seem to be the least religious, least happy, foul-mouthed people you can meet.

Chefs are in the top echelon of workers who are basically allowed to get away with everything.

Vegans would regularly hear faint screaming behind the kitchen door as they received another check with ‘Vegan’ spec prepped on it.

The audacity of someone with an alternative diet:

‘What’s the point of eating at all!’

Gary, Paul or Dave would shout at me – clearly not familiar with the phrase: ‘Don’t shoot the messenger’.

The Bartender who thinks they’re the best bartender

I actually like these guys the best.

Their ego will basically force them to do everything for you.

If someone asks for a cocktail they will run to the rescue, offering to do it 8 ways, in 4 different glasses, with 17 different methods.

They claim to be a ‘Mixologist’ as they pour pints…

And they usually think a 4pm start is an early one.

Their diet consists of pizza and they like to talk about how many drinks they chugged at the weekend.

They’re also usually either 19 or 34.

And there’s no in-between.

The girl who is always crying for no reason.

Poor Anastasia can’t say no to the manager because she’s scared she’ll be sacked for rejecting a seventh 12-hour shift in a row.

She’ll often sigh every-time she starts a sentence, and eat whole lemons instead of dinner.

You might find her crying because we’re out of mint.

And every conversation will end with her saying: ‘*sigh* Must be nice!’.

The agency worker who isn’t jaded yet.

They get paid more…

And have less responsibilities.

They know at the end of the shift they don’t have to come back.

Choosing the time they came in, the day they wanted to work and even sometimes the duration of the shift.

They dress pretty much as they like. They have no stress. Nothing to worry about, just show up and do as they’re told. Easy.  

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