The Benefits of Doing a Creative Degree

Ever heard someone say, ‘well that’s not a real degree.’

Or to add salt to the wound, ‘what kind of job can you get with that?

A lot of us have been there. Degrees such as, fashion, art, creative writing and film studies.

To name a few…

A lot of them are creative-based degrees rather than, uh hum.. intellectual ones, but for someone who has a degree in Creative Writing, I’m going to share with you four reasons why you should show off your creative degree and encourage others to do the same!

Creative people tend to be happier!

According to, there is a link between creativity and happiness. It is believed to help people become more mindful and resilient in times of stress.

It can develop confidence.

Before I started my degree in Creative Writing, there was no way I’d read my work out or publish blogs on the internet – look at me now! Surrounding yourself with other creative minds whilst sharing your work can be the real confidence boost you need!

Being creative can benefit your own brain!

Having a creative mind and new ideas every day, is stimulating for the brain! On they suggest actively using your brain and staying creative can prevent illnesses such as dementia.

Creativity helps you with problem solving.

The best thing about being creative, whether you’re coming up with a new story idea or new ideas for an art piece is that you’re constantly brainstorming! Being able to brainstorm and come up with lots of ideas may help in many situations – including the work place!

Hopefully this has put a smile on the face of you creative people! If you have any more pros to being creative, let us know!

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