4 Reasons Why It’s Completely OK to Cry at Work

We’re all human.

And believe it or not, as human beings we go through some pretty heavy things in our lives, both in our work environment, and personally.

Although the majority of us want to keep our professional head on and pretend we don’t have any feelings – like we’re some kind of clone under the orders of Darth Vader…

Sometimes, it’s completely OK to let that slip.

Step out of your own professionalism for a couple of minutes and think about it whilst I list reasons why it is completely acceptable, and not to mention normal to cry at work.

1. There are more things going on in your life than meeting deadlines and targets.

Most people in work will stress over a deadline they have.

Or a deal they so desperately want to make.

And whilst that’s great – they care about their job. For a lot of people, there’s a lot more important things going on.

I’ve spoken to people who are dealing with ill family members, an illness they maybe hiding themselves or other personal issues.

I’ve even spoke to several people who have been diagnosed with depression but feel too ashamed to tell their boss.

It’s more than OK to cry because there are bigger issues going on in your life, and please don’t be afraid to discuss this with your boss – its OK not to be OK, ok?

2. A follow up from the first point: Sometimes the stress of hitting targets can be too much.

Of course we want to impress our boss, we even go the extra mile to prove we love and care about what we do.

But sometimes, this can be too much.

You can end up over worked, and exhausted.

Crying over a build-up of stress is nothing to be ashamed of, and if your boss belittles you for caring about what you do – maybe it’s time to update your CV and find work in a better environment.

No one should make you feel bad for your emotions – especially the person you’re working so hard for.

3. Working with horrible people can have a negative impact on your mental health.

You may love your job, and you may smash targets day in and day out.

But I found when I spoke to people, they discussed how doing well led them to become unpopular amongst their colleagues.

If you feel like you’re getting bullied in the work place, never feel ashamed to cry about it.

Remember, this isn’t your fault.

Bullying in the work place is a massive deal, and something you shouldn’t have to face alone – go to your union and let your colleagues know how unacceptable it is.

 4. Sometimes it’s best to let it out.

Crying isn’t a sign of weakness.

Both men and women should never feel ashamed to cry – no matter the situation.

If you have work related or personal problem and feel the need to cry, let it out.

I found that most people I spoke to felt like they let out a build-up of negative weight.

Crying in the workplace is completely acceptable.

The only time it wouldn’t be, is if you’re crying because you can’t leave early to go the pub.

Or crying because you’d rather be in Ibiza than at your desk.

Let it out, you’re only human.

And don’t let anyone tell you it’s a sign of weakness.

Crying in public and showing people how you’re feeling, is a very brave thing to do!

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