Hidden Gems of Liverpool

Everyone knows that Liverpool is one of the best places in the world!

It’s voted one of the coolest places to live in the UK, and ranked in the top 10 friendliest cities.

Not to mention having the best accent!

People visit from all over the world to marvel at our two cathedrals and stunning world-famous Albert Docks.

What people don’t know is there are some marvellous secrets around the city.

I’m here to give you the tips on where to find them…

Dirty Little Secret 

Opening in 2018, within the name of it, this bar has been quite the well-kept secret amongst Liverpool party goers… until now!

The chic little cocktail bar can be found on Wood Street, with beautiful interiors and cosy spaces to get just a little merry. Why not give it a try?

Not only this, but the bar is known to have random FREE BAR NIGHTS that you don’t want to miss.

Queen Avenue

This gorgeous quaint little street is right on your doorstep! Though it’s been around for many years, Queen Avenue is one of Liverpool’s best hidden gems.

How have you missed it?

It hosts some of the best wine shops and art shops the city has to offer, not to mention the amazing atmosphere!

Find it just off Castle Street, in-between Rudy’s Pizzeria and Tune Hotel.

Berry & Rye

Blink and you’ll miss it!

Berry and Rye is a cosy little speakeasy found right in the heart of Berry Street – but you won’t find it by looking for any lights or signs outside.

To get in, you need to find a very specific black door, and you need to knock to be let inside.

Once inside you can enjoy a range of fabulous cocktails with some boss music too.

 Some Place

Another hidden speakeasy, this bar is found just right next door to one of Liverpool’s most famous music venues – Zanzibar.

Make your way up the narrow stairwell and find yourself in a beautiful, eccentric cosy club.

They have a range of weird and lovely cocktails, that come in beakers and pots! Try their absinthe for an extra kick – at your own risk!

Reid of Liverpool

The Scousest and quaintest little bookshop in the city – with an arrange of fiction and non-fiction to meet your fantastical needs.

The owners are super friendly and will help you with any of your queries!

This gorgeous little shop is found just at the top of Mount Pleasant – and has been going strong since 1765! Can you believe it? I can’t!

Dig Vinyl 

Found beneath one of Bold Street’s most eccentric shops, Soho, this place has a brilliant range of vinyl’s springing from jazz to punk to classical.

Give your ears a little treat with this one!

Bold Street is one of the most famous places in Liverpool, so ask one of the locals if you can’t find where this place is!

Now that you have the inside information on these gems, seek them out and enjoy!

Thank you Jess for letting us in on your Liverpool secrets! Find more of her stuff here – www.thisgirlwriting.blogspot.com

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