how to cope with the heat when you work in an office

Believe it or not – the UK is hot for a change. Although that’s great for beer gardens and BBQ’s of a weekend, how do you cope in the office? As the mercury rises this week, we’ve been looking at the advice on the best ways to stay as cool as possible.

Here’s the top tips we’ve uncovered! 

Stay Hydrated

This is the most obvious one, yet people still forget to drink water! The best advice is to bring in a metal water bottle. These usually keep the water at its original temperature, without going warm and tasting yucky! To keep it extra cool, leave it in a freezer overnight and don’t forget to fill it back up when you’ve drunk it all! 

Keep the Windows Closed

We’re struggling with this one in Wigwam HQ as we have a huge shutter which begs to be opened in gorgeous weather. But apparently, we’d be better to keep it shut because it fills the office with hot air! 

The advice is to keep all windows closed and use a fan to keep the room at a cool temperature.

Bring a fan to work

Remember when you were at school and you’d carry those little portable fans with you around in the summer? These are perfect to use to combat the heat whilst sitting at your desk – not to mention you can get them in an array of colours! 

Consider what you’re wearing

This can be difficult, especially if your office has a dress code. Dress as appropriately as possible to match the weather and if you feel like it’s still too hot – have a word with your manager about dressing down throughout the heatwave! 

Make sure the blinds are closed

This one ties in with keeping the window shut. Although its lovely to look out into the sunshine, this can make you incredibly hot and can affect your ability to work! 

Avoid drinking coffee

The coffee round is a staple of office life, and we’re no exception! 

However, caffeine is so bad, I repeat, so bad,for increasing your heart rate and causing your temperature to rise. It is also said to have a huge impact on your ability to perform and function properly.  Definitely avoid it in the heat – you’re better off sticking to water! 

Keep an eye on your fellow workers

If you feel like someone may be struggling in the heat, it is important to make sure they have a short break and plenty of water available to drink. The key is to look after one another and make sure everyone is fit to work! 

How do you cope working in the summer? Share your tips! 

Guest post by Rachael Johnston 

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