Are you a hugger, a kisser or a shaker?

Hugger, kisser, shaker

Do you hate the pre-anxiety nerves that come with greeting someone for the first time? 

Whether it be a job interview or a business meeting, those first few seconds of addressing a new colleague could go either incredibly well, or be hideously awkward. Combine this with the famous saying, “first impressions are lasting impressions”– and you can see why it’s such a popular discussion, right? 

We all hate that dreaded moment walking up to someone for the first time.

Do I pull my hand out for a handshake? Will they go in for a hug? If they do go in for a hug and my hand is out, how do I get my hand out of that position? If this happens, will I lay in bed at night replaying the encounter over and over? Probably… And this isn’t even the biggest problem on our hands. What if they go in for a dreaded kiss?

According to a survey on TotalJobs, 27% of people want a ban on the workplace kiss.

And worse still, 13% have had an accidental kiss on the mouth. 

So, where should we draw a line? 

Most people would agree they’re definitely not a kisser in terms of greeting someone within the office. However, if it’s outside of work they’d be more than happy to give someone they know on a personal basis, a kiss – but how do you stop that contact who would usually give you a kiss outside of work, from giving a kiss in the workplace?

Is it appropriate to ask for boundaries within the office and stick to the good old handshake? A lot of people feel much more relaxed outside of work, so with your professional head on, a kiss may not seem or look ideal. 

Although it’s the most popular, not everyone is a shaker only. A lot of people are more than happy to give colleagues within the office a hug, if they are meeting for a second time or more.

There are usually common signs your colleague is ok with this by the way they greet you, such as a shortening of your name or facing you with a much more relaxed posture.

However, is just one meeting prior acceptable? With many people only giving new contacts handshakes, where is the transition between firm handshake to a friendly hug?

And on top of that, what type of hugger is this person? If you’re a quick-hugger there’s nothing worse than going to pull away from someone who is still mid-hug, or vice versa! 

How would you handle this situation?

With 76% wanting physical contact reduced, there are ways around it. You could exchange polite words from a distance, but if you see them moving closer, immediately stick your hand out so you are in control. On the flip side, if you yourself are a hugger, ask the person you a greeting how they would like to be greeted. 

We asked the redwigwam team for their thoughts on this topic – and it made for an entertaining discussion. And what about you… are you a hugger, kisser or shaker? 

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