6 Excuses I’ve Heard When Being Rejected For A Job

6 Excuses Employers Have Given When Rejecting You.

After a job interview, it’s fair to expect a “yes” or a “no” based on the experience and skills we have. 

Personally, when I’m being rejected I prefer to be told straight: “You weren’t right for the role”. It’s really confusing when I’m hit with excuses that make me wonder – if I were a year older would I have been offered the job? Or, if I laughed more and told more jokes, would they think I’d fit in better? 

Here are 6 of the best (or should that be worst?) excuses I’ve come across whilst being rejected for a job…

  1. You’re too Young.

I’d been through 3 (THREE) interview stages. The employers gushed over my work and told me how much I’d be valued within the team. I spent a fun few weeks of getting to know the company and team, and even completed some tasks for them. Then the email came… “Sorry. If we had one more position, you’d have got it, but in the end, we decided you’re too young”.  This baffled me – why didn’t they bring this up in one-of-the-three interviews?

I guess I’ll never know. 

2. We’ve Moved Towns.

This was one of the strangest excuses I’ve heard. 

After an intense interview, my emotions are high – it’s either good news or bad news. I find waiting for the call can often be painful – so this one came as a surprise. I hadn’t got the job because the company is now moving towns.

Now a lot of questions came to mind. Did they know this when they interviewed me? Would I have got the job if they weren’t moving? It crossed my mind that the job wasn’t even real…

Going to interviews is much like dating, it can either be the start of something new, an eye opener, or a complete a waste of time.

3. You’re too Much of a Morning Person.

If the job includes a lot of night shifts – do not say how much you love mornings! I was clearly too enthusiastic at 9.30am. Yes, this was a legitimate excuse used to reject me for a job! 

4. You’re too Nice.

A lot of jobs expect someone who can be strong under pressure and stick up for themselves in difficult situations. Apparently, I seemed as sweet as sugar, and thus not the ideal candidate for the role. 

5. You Don’t Have the Right Sense of Humour. 

This sounds silly, but can be crucial within the workplace. I’ve interviewed with employers who favour personality over skills and experience. Fair? Probably not, but working in a team is vital in jobs such as hospitality – so to getting on with your colleagues is important!

6. You Want a Work / Life Balance We Can’t Give You.

Have you ever had an employer tell you they want you to dedicate your life to the job? You’re sat in the interview nodding along whilst they talk about how every holiday you have, or weekend you have off, you’ll be thinking of work. 

The expression on your face probably says it all, and if you don’t give them the impression you want to sell your soul to them – you probably won’t get it, but would you want it anyway?!

Do excuses like this cushion the blow of the rejection, or make them worse? Would love to hear your thoughts. 

Guest post by Rachael Johnston – who’s happily on the hunt for a new position at the moment. Honest rejections welcomed!

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