Employee Appreciation Day 2019

Employee Appreciation Day

Friday 1 March 2019 is Employee Appreciation Day.

And we’re not letting it go unnoticed! Today, we’re holding the annual RedWigWam Awards, and presenting some of our 80,000 workers with special awards in recognition of their hard work.

Employee Appreciation Day is an opportunity for employers to show their workforce how much they are valued. According to a recent study, showing employees appreciation can result in a company’s higher retention rate and staff happiness, leading to increased productivity and a reduction in stress levels.

Our CEO and Founder, Lorna Davidson, says:

“Employee appreciation goes much further than just one day, businesses have duty to ensure their workforce are recognised, appreciated and listened to.

“Recognised employees are happy employees – when you take the time to speak to your staff and let them know what a positive impact they are having on your business, they feel empowered and good about themselves and the work they are doing.

“Many of the hiring trends for 2019 note the transition of the ‘employer-employee’ power dynamic, giving way to a more transparent, trusting relationship. Simply thanking your employees creates an atmosphere of trust. When employees know their efforts contribute to a wider cause they feel a greater connection of trust between themselves and their employer – at the end of the day, we’re all in this together.

“Respect works both ways, high staff turnover isn’t a good sign for any business and ensuring employees are happy, listened to and trusted works in everyone’s favour.”

Lorna adds: “This year we are committed to showing our 80,000 employees that we care about them and really value all their hard work and support. We will be celebrating on March 1st with our Employee Appreciation Awards, with categories including ‘In It Since the Beginning’ and ‘Community Champion’ for that person who really makes a difference to our growing RedWigWam community.”

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