5 interesting RedWigWam jobs

interesting jobs

At RedWigWam we offer loads of part time temporary work, we’re not just about mystery shopping roles!

Here are 5 jobs you may not know we do!

  1. Brand Ambassador – this role involved presenting an elevated selection of fresh food to go and locally sourced delicacies to customers.
  2. Digital Designer/Illustrator – this role was for a worker with creative ability, website construction and branding experience
  3. Property Checker – these roles were for workers to go and take pictures inside different properties to check on the condition of them among other things. This was very well paid at £12ph too!
  4. Event Photography – this role was for someone who may be interested in creating memorable experiences for customers, then the opportunity for some sales work.
  5. Bookkeeper – a role for someone with cloud based accounting package experience who could do some part time bookkeeping.

What would you like your next job to be?

RedWigWam is all about delivering quality staff, cost-effectively. We’ve grown at quite a pace since we launched – and now we’re looking for some extra help to grow even more.

Everybody out there needs staff at some point or other but maybe they can’t offer the flexibility we can.

Maybe your local hairdresser needs someone on a Saturday, but can’t offer regular shifts or guaranteed work. RedWigWam is the perfect option.

Businesses can load roles as and when they need people, and not worry about having a disgruntled employee who isn’t getting enough work.

RedWigWam also deals with paying them (including NI, tax and holiday pay) and the business gets a great worker as and when required.

Can you help?

All you have to do is spread the word. Next time you hear of someone looking for a job, or looking for staff, tell them about us.

So when you’re telling your friends about working for us, it’s not that we just do mystery shops!

And don’t think of it as reducing your chance for jobs because the more workers we have, the more jobs we can bring in! And of course, it’s only fair we reward you for helping us out.

Our Refer & Earn scheme rewards you:

  • We pay 10% of all revenues generated for the 1st 6 months for new hirer’s referred
  • We pay 50p for every new worker referred

Simply ask them to sign up, and pop your name in the referral box when they do. That way, we’ll know it’s you we have to pay!  

Find out more and get started here…

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