Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

Black Friday

So another year has passed since you saw Helen from down the road fighting over a flat screen in Asda. Yep, it’s Black Friday again, where apparent ‘sales’ are everywhere and you have to be in store at 00:01 or risk missing out.

In reality the average saving last year was 9%… Yes, nine!

So whilst it may appear to be this blockbuster day, where I’m sure you can get good deals, it’s not that special. However if you do want to get your elbows out and queue in the cold we have some tips.

  1. Research the products you want. Just because you see a camera is 40% off doesn’t mean it’s any good!
  2. Sign up to retailers sites in advance, they often send out offers to those who are already with the company.
  3. Check what prices are now and then compare them on the day, companies can exaggerate savings and make you think you’re saving more than you are.
  4. Find out who will price match (John Lewis do), this could mean you get more savings without having to go all around the houses.

Now, if the idea of going out and battling with people over sales doesn’t appeal to you, congratulations you’re a sane person! Most retailers now run discounts all through the weekend so you can pick up online deals from Friday to Monday. A few tips for shopping online are:

  1. Follow retailers on social media – they’ll tweet out links and information about big savings.
  2. Create accounts on sites you’re likely to buy for, this reduces the hassle of having to put in your details every time.
  3. Make a Wishlist. Amazon is great for this, so you can see all the savings on products you want in one place.
  4. Look at last year’s sales to see who had good deals. You can do this by just searching for their 2017 promotions.

How have your experiences of Black Friday been? Good? Bad? Don’t see the fuss? Let us know.

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