How to Pimp Your CV

How to Pimp Your CV

CVs, much like opinions, everyone has one, so here’s my take on how to get the best out of yours.

Whether you’ve just graduated or you’re searching for next job you need to be able to make yourself stand out, the best way to do this is with a cracking CV. It’s the fundamental part of any job application, it lets your prospective employer know about your past experiences, qualifications and a bit about yourself. So how can you make your CV shine bright in a stack of 40 odd?

When I say pimp your CV I don’t mean put everything in gold font and have little clip arts of gaudy chains, it’s about how you can maximise the content you have to make yourself as appealing as possible.

Firstly it’s important to have your personal information at the top, your name, email address and phone number will suffice. Make sure that your email is something sensible, might not work too well. That way your employer knows who they’re reading about, if they’re offering several jobs it is worth putting the job title in the top right corner, “Sales Assistant” for example.

Your personal profile should be about 4-5 lines and briefly show how you’d be a suitable fit for the job and what you think you can bring to the table. Don’t forget to include a section on your hobbies and interests too. If you’re applying to a small company they’ll likely want someone they have things in common with.

Onto the meat of the CV, the work experience. Let’s say you’re a pizza delivery driver and you want to move up the employment ladder, how can you make this a bit more flashy? Well what skills does it require? Time management and punctuality certainly, so instead of saying “I delivered pizzas” go for “I was in charge of delivery logistics and have experience working under pressure”. Already it sounds like you know what you’re talking about and it makes you sound much more professional.

Additionally, keep it relevant! If you’re applying for an office job where you’ll be answering phone calls and dealing with clients maybe don’t include how you made some cash walking your Aunt Sue’s dog a few times a week. This could mean crafting a few different CVs for different types of jobs, one for waiting on, another for office work etc. It not only helps the employer it also allows you to showcase more targeted skills on your CV.

Finally make sure you save it as a PDF so it can’t be altered and do a test print before you send it, you don’t want your new sparkling CV to be ruined because you’ve gone over the printing margins.

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