Have you heard of the rock revolution?

RedWigWam Rocks

You know when someone makes a remark in a meeting?

Then it sits at the back of your mind like a little itch which won’t go away?

Is it a good idea?

Is it crazy?

Is it worth just taking a punt?

Well as a result of one team members brainwave, we’ve spent the last few nights painting rocks… Yes really!

If you haven’t heard of the latest craze (most of the WigWam team hadn’t until a few weeks ago), the idea is you paint a design on a rock, put the hashtag of your local rock group on the back (there are literally HUNDREDS on Facebook) and hide it! You then wait for the rock to be found and shared.

From this, was born #RedWigWam Rocks.

We’ve painted hundreds of rocks, with our logo, and are hiding them all over the Liverpool area – and beyond.

We’ve also got loads of competitions planned (maybe you’ll find one and win!)

Are we mad? Maybe!

Are we great artists? Absolutely not.

Is it fun. Well yes!

And we like to do things differently…

Our RedWigWam Rocks campaign runs until Sunday 26thAugust. If you want to take part, please keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages, and look out for the #RedWigWamRocks hashtag.

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