Short-term solutions for long-term goals…

Short-term solutions for long-term goals... how the recruitment revolution is helping businesses grow faster than ever before

…how the recruitment revolution is helping businesses grow faster than ever before

Smart businesses are increasingly waking up to the rewards short-term recruitment can bring

Gone are the days when employing temp staff was seen as the poor relation to taking on permanent workers.

Thanks to the recruitment revolution, savvy business owners are now realising the temporary and flexible jobs market offers both short-term and long-term solutions.

Definitely no ‘sticking plaster’ solution

From flexibility, to a boost in productivity, taking on staff as and when you need them is a smart strategy that delivers lasting results – fast.

Far from being a ‘sticking plaster’ solution, a major advantage of hiring temps is flexibility. It allows you to quickly fill gaps in your workforce at certain times of the year or during busy periods.

You may need staff for short-term tasks, part-time or ad-hoc work. And sometimes gaps in your workforce may appear without warning or need filling urgently, which means there isn’t time to go through the process of hiring permanent employees.

So the answer is: temporary staff

Businesses like yours can benefit from a wide range of specialist skills available within the short-term recruitment market.

You may be looking for unskilled labour, but there’s also a wealth of expertise to be found among short-term workers.

Broad range of skills

At RedWigWam our workers include a variety of professionals, from fields such as medicine, accountancy and legal. Temping allows them to earn money in between permanent roles, at the same time as keeping their skills up-to-date.

Meanwhile, temporary work gives you the chance to ‘test the water’ before committing to taking on an individual in a permanent position.

What’s more, a temp can improve your firm’s productivity by providing a fresh perspective and helping to re-energise your team.

The right people at the right time

RedWigWam can help your business expand by giving you access to the right people – any time of the day or night.

Post a job for free on our simple online platform and it will be matched to fully-vetted and validated staff who have the correct skills and time to take it on.

With our help you’ll never miss an opportunity to reduce or increase your team.

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