Four ways to SAVE money on Black Friday

Four ways to SAVE money on Black Friday

So, you can’t miss Black Friday. ‘Bargains’ in all the shops, online deals being thrown at you left, right and centre. But what’s an actual bargain? And is it really possible to save money?

Set a Black Friday budget

Sound obvious? But when you’re being exposed to deals EVERYWHERE, it’s easy to get carried away. And then it’s super tempting to whack it on a credit card and worry about paying for it later. So don’t.

Yes – there are Black Friday bargains to be had. But be realistic – spend what you can afford. Then stop!

Only buy it if you REALLY need it

Following on from point one, before you hit ‘purchase’, or get to the checkout, ask yourself ‘Do I really need it?’. Saving £50 on a new iPad is great – but only if you NEED a new iPad. And it’s easy to get carried away with the rush. So, think before you spend!

Shop around

Of course, Black Friday is a brilliant opportunity to bag some real bargains – especially if the kids have written a VERY long list for Santa! But always check around. You may find the much wished for item even cheaper elsewhere…

Make some cash (yes really)

It makes sense to sign up for a cashback site before you start your shopping. We know WigWammers are super-savvy, so it’s probably an obvious point. But how about referring a friend or family member to RedWigWam today? We’ve doubled our ‘recommend a friend’ discount to £2 – so you’ll earn double the cash for everyone you refer. Go, go, GO!

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