5 fun ways to earn extra money this Christmas

5 fun ways to earn extra money this Christmas

It’s nearly Christmas! Which means festive gatherings, twinkling lights, spiced mulled wine, chocolates galore and beautiful decorations. Everyone is in high, holiday spirits. Except your bank account – your bank account despises you because you just won’t leave it alone!

We get it. It’s hard at this time of year! You have to somehow find a way to buy gifts for your nearest and dearest, whilst not missing out on Christmas drinks with friends, work collegues and family, or special days out with the family.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but it can take its toll on your poor wallet. So here are 5 ideas to help you earn a little extra (and much needed) cash this festive season…

  1. Christmas clean-out

In the weeks leading up to Christmas (start now!) you could be making a small fortune by selling your unwanted things and decluttering your home. Think clothes with tags still attached, CDs and DVDs you’ve never used or never will, and even the lamp in the corner of your room that’s hidden beneath a pile of clothes – these are things you could easily sell online. The usual suspects such as eBay and Gumtree are a good start, but consider using Facebook selling groups too.

  1. Question time!

Online surveys are a good way to make a small income. Of course, it’s not going to be megabucks you’re earning, but if you’re looking at building a small pile just to cover the cost of a few gifts then it’s worth a look. Some of the better ones we’ve tried are Swahbucks and MySurvey.

  1. Get crafty

This one may require you spending a little before you make money, but if you’re creative and have the ability to make products that will sell, then you could be on to a winner here.

Whether it’s making your own candles, soaps, wall art or even cakes and pies, people love to buy homemade goods. If you have a passion for creating pretty things, you can start selling locally – think Christmas markets or school Christmas fayes! The upside of this idea, is that whilst you’re making a little income, you could also be making your gifts for this year. Two birds, one stone.

  1. Side-gig

In a similar way to the idea mentioned above, you can sell your skills online. If you have a particular talent for writing, editing, photography, technology and so on, then there is somewhere on the web that you can sell your work. If you can provide an online portfolio to demonstrate work you have done previously then that will help get you noticed. Websites such as Fiverr are a great way to find a side gig here and there. Fiverr work based on reviews and results, so once you have a couple of reviews to get your ratings started, it works pretty well.

  1. Temporary work

Obviously, we can’t leave out the great way of earning that is temping!

Spanning across a varied choice of sectors and skill levels, temporary jobs are undoubtedly one of the best ways to make some money. Here at RedWigWam, we will tailor your job matches to your location, strengths and abilities, along with your availability to find a role perfect for your needs. Temporary work is one of the best ways to earn some extra cash and enjoy the season to be jolly. From field marketing, merchandising and mystery shopping, to delivering pizzas, we have a while host of jobs ready and waiting for you!

There are loads of ways to make a exra cash before the rush of Chrismas begins. Join in the chat on Facebook or Twitter and let us know your top tips.

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