My part time job: online shopping

My part time job: online shopping

At RedWigWam, we have loads of different ways for you to make money. Worker Danielle tells us how she earns extra cash by completing online shopping jobs for us!

“I’m a student at Liverpool University. I signed up for RedWigWam after a friend recommended them last year when I was moaning about not having enough money for a night out!

It was really easy to sign up – I started getting matched to jobs the same day. As a student, the time I have available for work can vary greatly. Some weeks I have lots of spare time, but if I have a deadline coming up it can be harder to manage work as well, which is why RedWigWam appealed – I just do jobs when I have time.

My absolute favourite type of job is getting paid to do online shopping! These jobs come up quite often with various supermarkets. I registered for accounts with all of them and then I just shop via whichever one the job requires.

It’s brilliant because you don’t even have to leave your house! You get a brief telling you what you need to buy, then you just have to shop. If I’m lucky, I can get a couple of products in the same shop. I tend to do click and collect when I can so I don’t have to pay the delivery fee.

Sometimes though, I club together with my housemates and we do a big shop together and get it delivered. We all order the product to try so we can all get paid for it – which easily covers the delivery cost – plus we all earn money too! If we’re doing this, we make sure we buy our big bulky items at the same time – washing powder, lots of tins and loo roll so we don’t have to carry it back from the shop.

One job I did the other week even gave me £20 off my online shopping – amazing.

When you get the products, you usually have to write a review of them on the supermarket website, which takes less than 10 minutes. When you’re done, you just upload a picture of your review, plus receipts for your shopping onto the RedWigWam website. They sometimes ask you extra questions too – you’ll get told what you need to find out when you book the job.

Once you have submitted your timesheets and reports you get paid really quickly – so now I always have money for a night out!”

We have lots of online shopping jobs available at the moment. Register today and start earning extra cash straight away.

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