My part time job: mystery shopping

My part time job: mystery shopping

We have lots of interesting jobs at RedWigWam – including some you’ve perhaps never thought about. Worker Hannah tells us how she makes money by mystery shopping – at the same time as doing her weekly shopping…

“I’ve got 2 young children and with childcare costs, it wasn’t really worth me going back to full time work when my maternity leave finished. So, I signed up to RedWigWam (they popped up on my Facebook page!) to see if I could earn a bit of extra money around my family life.

I’ve done lots of different jobs – but the easiest one for me is when I am asked to go to a local supermarket to check and buy products – mystery shopping.

Mystery shopping is really easy to do. You get sent a brief, which shows exactly what you are looking for. It’s often to check if a special offer is being displayed properly or the products are branded correctly. Sometimes, you also get asked to purchase particular products – you get reimbursed for these, so remember to get a receipt! I’ve tried all sorts of interesting products over the last few months!

My top tip is to read the brief properly before you leave. There are usually questions to answer too, and you normally have to take some pictures showing what you see in store. It’s a bit embarrassing if you have to stand in the store, hunting through your emails to try and re read the brief – and worse still if you miss something completely. You don’t get paid if you don’t complete your report properly.

The first time I did it, I felt really conspicuous, as though everyone in the shop would know what I was doing – especially when it came to taking the pictures! But I soon realised no one was even looking at me. I do have a made-up story about why I’m taking pictures (to show my husband!) but I have never yet been asked!

I love being a mystery shopper. I can do it when I have time – and even if I have the kids with me!”

We have lots of mystery shopping jobs at the moment. Sign up now and see what’s available in your area.

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