What to expect from a temporary worker

What to expect from a temporary worker

A temporary worker can be a brilliant option for many reasons. Perhaps you need an extra pair of hands to jeep a project on track, or have to fill a gap in a team due to unforeseen circumstances.

Depending on the needs of your business, a temporary worker can offer you short term help, with minimal effort involved on your part.

We understand some companies believe temporary workers are usually inexperienced or unreliable. But we want to dispel those thoughts. It simply isn’t true.

Here’s what you can expect from hiring a temporary worker…

  1. You can expect someone who knows where they stand. At RedWigWam, we see the demand for temporary work increase daily – the main reason amongst our workers, being flexibility. When a temporary worker is offered a role, they know it’s for a fixed period of time. Whether it is a week, a month, or 6 months, you have no commitment to keep them on afterwards. Temporary workers know this, and will not usually expect anything else.
  2. You can expect someone with skills. Temporary work is absolutely not limited to administrative roles. Now you obviously can’t expect a new employee to walk into a job with a working knowledge on every aspect of the job, but you can expect them to have the essential skills and expertise to support them in learning the job – quickly. They’re used to working in a new place, and will generally get stuck in quickly. The temporary industry has upped its game and you can reasonably expect to be introduced to highly skilled, specialist professionals with sought-after skill. This can be a game-changer when it comes to your hiring process.
  3. You will have the time to observe a temporary worker without committing to anything first. A temporary worker understands their work will end after a set period. However, if you genuinely do need a more permanent fixture in your team, a temporary worker is a good way to test the waters. Obviously though, you need to be aware they may not be looking for more permanent work, should you decide you want to keep them on!
  4. You can expect to save on costs. This does depend on the time frame of course, but generally you may find hiring a temporary worker is more cost efficient than hiring a permanent member of staff in the short term. If you hire temporary workers through RedWigWam, we’ll pay the workers for you, and take care of payroll, including tax and NI. Of course, if you like the worker and want to take them on permanently, that’s fine – and we only charge £99!
  5. You can expect to build a rapport with us! Once you’ve tried us out – and like what you see, you’ll almost defiantly come back for more! We’ll grow to understand your company needs – and the type of workers you like, and be well equipped to meet them.

There are so many reasons hiring a temporary worker may be exactly what your business needs. Here at RedWigWam, we have over 48,000 workers, all over the UK, who are ready to get started immediately. We have workers with all sorts of skills and interests. So, is it time to bite the bullet and join the RedWigWam employment revolution?

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