5 ideal temporary jobs for the summer

Five ideal temporary jobs for the summer

School’s out for the summer!

You might be feeling buzzed about a summer season of fun ahead of you. But probably slightly less buzzed about how you’re going to fund it.

But fear not. We have the solution! Temporary jobs.

Firstly, remember its temporary!

This means no begging your boss to let you have a weekend off for a festival. You don’t need to requesting holidays and pray no one wants the same week off. You don’t have to spend hours figuring out how to get time off to spend the weekend with your pals.

You choose your own schedule. And work as much, or as little, as you like!

Here are 5 ideal temporary jobs for the summer – all bookable through RedWigWam!

Mystery shopping

For most people, the huge perk of mystery shopping is getting paid to shop!

Most jobs offer a fee for visitng the store and providing feedback about service, compliance and products etc. You’ll usually be asked to buy a specific product, or check it’s availability.

This can be at clothing stores, restaurants, hotels, cinemas – and so on. Anything retail and consumer based! Which, coincidentally, may be right up your street, as of course you’re planning on staying at hotels, eating at restaurants and going to the cinema at some point over the summer aren’t you?

Mystery shopper jobs could be perfect for you if you fancy choosing when you want to work – it can be tailored you suit your lifestyle. Just don’t forget the deadlines – otherwise you won’t get paid!

Bar work

Okay, so bar work may be a little less flexible than mystery shopping, but it’s still a good way to earn some cash without being too tied down to a job for the whole summer.

Summer time is a busy time for bars. Students are finishing uni and looking for a good time, beer gardens fill up (weather permitting!) and people generally just tend to want to head to the pub for a drink with friends.

Therefore, bar work is readily available. If you have experience  then temporary jobs in a bar would be perfect for you. There’s no commitment, so you can work until you have the money you need and move on. You can apply for shifts that suit you too, bars are open day and night! One big bonus is that you’ll usually make extra money in tips.


Maybe not the most glamorous of roles, but if cleaning a few hotels rooms, an office, shop floors, or customer bathrooms is going to pay for your ticket to Greece this summer, then why not?

Temporary cleaning jobs are added to our system frequently. The good thing about cleaning jobs is they don’t usually involve full working days. Many offer hours early in the morning, or later in the evening. This means your whole day isn’t spent at work and you have more time free to do what you want.

Reception/admin work

A very popular temporary role is a reception or office job. Many office workers or receptionists may have holidays booked themselves over the summer – which is very handy for you!

Companies often recruit temporary workers because it works for them as well as you. You’re role could be for a couple of days, it could be for a couple of weeks – it doesn’t matter, you’ll get paid for what you work.

Promotional work

Whether it’s standing in the high street pestering shoppers to give you 5 minutes to talk their ear off, or standing front of house in a supermarket promoting new products, promotional work is a-plenty.

To be a success, you do need to be quite confident and chatty – and it can be loads of fun. You certinally never have a dull momnent! Promotional temporary jobs are usually just for a couple of a days at a time, so it’s a good way to earn some money quickly.

The beauty of temporary jobs is flexibility.

You can take on one, or more temporary jobs for a week or so, go to your festival, then look for more temporary jobs when you’re home. Easy! There’s no awkward ‘I’m leaving’ or ‘We’re letting you go’ conversation; both employee and employer understand exactly how long you are there for.

You get paid for what you work, which gives you plenty of opportunity to soak up the summer your own way.

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