How to Leave Work on Time

 There’s nothing more frustrating than not leaving work at the time you are supposed to and not getting paid for it. If it’s over time and you are then fair enough, extra work means extra pennies. However if it’s as a result of not being up to date with your work or a problem caused by yourself of a coworker then it’s infuriating.

I understand that you may love your work and stay behind to help out, but you should make time for yourself each evening too and not get into a routine of living at the office.


Here are some tips for getting out of the door on time…


  • Prioritise– Think about what tasks are most important or most time consuming and deal with them first. This means you’ll have less to worry about as the day goes on and you won’t have them niggling at the back of your mind. It also means you won’t put them off until last minute.
  • Refuel – Have a decent breakfast before work and decent lunch whilst in work. Feeling hungry in work or sluggish after a rubbish meal is bound to hinder your productivity, meaning less work will be finished by home time. Getting outside for some fresh air on your break may also help boost productivity as it’ll clear your head after being office bound for hours.
  • Learn to say no – I know it’s hard to say no sometimes. Your coworker may need your help, your boss may ask more of you etc, and you want to be a good colleague and help out- but you’re only one person. If your workload is heavy and you find yourself struggling to complete even your own tasks, then explain this to whoever asks for help. They’ll appreciate your honesty and you won’t feel overwhelmed. Who wants to get stuck behind at work doing someone else’ tasks?!
  • Plan ahead – If you want to be out of work by 5:30 then aim to have your work for the day finished by 5pm. Aiming for an earlier time is likely to help you be out of the office when you intend to be.


It’s fine to stay behind for a little while every now and then, but if it’s becoming something of a routine maybe these tips will inspire you to come up with a solution. Whatever works for you in order to complete your work to a high standard and still get out of work at the right time is a skill worth honing to perfection.


Written by Katy James



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